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Why your boiler needs an annual service



A faulty boiler can cause death with carbon monoxide.  A boiler service carried out with a qualified Gas certified engineer will ensure that your boiler is checked for leaks.

Reduce energy bills

A boiler service will ensure that your boiler is running efficiently and isn’t wasting energy.  If there are any problems this will be fixed and shouldn’t be wasting you energy, also reduce your carbon footprint.

Save money on repairs

A healthy boiler won’t break down.  If you have your yearly service then any problems will be identified, which will save money on any repairs.  If these aren’t identified then small jobs could turn into big costly ones.

Keeping inline within your warranty

Most boilers come with warranties and also businesses have insurance policies.  Sometimes an annual service is part of the warranty and if this isn’t carried out it could void the warranty costing you more money in the future with boiler repairs.

The legalities

When selling your home, most home owners expect to have a full boiler history.  Businesses must be gas safe and safe to use and must also have a gas safety certificate for gas boilers.

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