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Word is on the street that the new Nest Thermostat WILL save you money on your energy bills.  The Nest thermostat has been around since 2011 and statistics show that it’s saved over 8 billion of energy in millions of homes world wide.


How it works

With the world of Alexa and Google Home taking over the Nest Thermostat is in a perfect position to learn from you.  The thermostat gets to know the temperature you like when you’re at home and also turns the temperature down when you’re away.  Another great feature we love is it determines how draughty you’re your home is and how it warms up so only uses the energy it needs.  This in a nutshell is how it saves energy.


Controlling your hot water

The amazing thermostat also controls your hot water as it comes with a hot water schedule.  This is all controlled through the app and allows you to boost your hot water and add extra heat.  When you’re away from home it will turn the water off for you.


Energy use

When you use the app you can also see how much energy your using or saving.  You have everything at the tip of your finger tips.  It’s such an easy thing to use and worth every penny.  The thermostat also lights up when you enter the room making it easy to see.


Being Safe

If there is carbon monoxide or smoke present the Nest thermostat will display an alert.  The thermostat will also shut off the heating system, which will keep your home safe.

The nest thermostat has our vote.

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