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How to draught proof your home

Alot of houses lose valuable energy and heat through gaps in windows, doors and roof.  In this months blog we would like to talk about how to draught proof your home.


Thanks to (National Insulation Association) we can confirm the percentage of heat lost in homes is:

  • 66% heat loss through uninsulated solid walls
  • 33% heat loss through uninsulated walls
  • 25% heat loss through the loft/roof space
  • 20% heat loss through windows & doors

7 Top Tips to draught proof your home

  1. If your home is prone to wind plant wind blocking hedges, which will reduce the wind onto your property
  2. If your porch opens directly into your living room consider building a wall to create a porch.  This will stop any draughts coming from the front door.
  3. Review what curtains and drapes you have up at windows.  If these are thin they’ll allow for cold and draughts to come through easier.  If you have large windows the cold from outside can often be felt indoors if you don’t have thick enough drapes or curtains.
  4. Carry out a draught assessment.  Feel the inside of all windows and check for draughts
  5. Secure all drafts temporarily with draught excluder tape.  You can find some here.  Draught proofing is one of the most inexpensive and effective energy efficiency measures for the home.  You can also seal any gaps in doors by purchasing a draft excluder from a number of home stores.
  6. Invest in Cavity Wall Insulation.  Cavity wall insulation stores the heat within the inner walls, bouncing it back into the room and holding it for longer. This gives you a more even temperature and gets rid of the draughts that come down from the walls.  You can see if you qualify for FREE cavity wall insulation here
  7. Last of all when the sun is shining open the curtain and let the natural heat flow round your home

If you have a heating or energy saving tip you’d like to share please comment and we will share on our blog.


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