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How to diagnose a drop in water pressure


When your boiler loses water pressure this is a good indicator that something is wrong.  This is down to a low pressure problem and is easy to diagnose.  Most boilers have pressure gauges, which makes it easy to look at see where and adjust yourself.


What can cause a drop in water pressure


This isn’t down to one thing.  It could be there is a leak in the system or you may have had your radiators bled, which has caused the pressure to drop.


Checking your pressure gauge


Most boilers should have these.  At a glance when you’re checking the indicator if it’s in the red zone then you have a problem.  Most pressure health is at 1.  If pressure keeps dropping then this is obvious there is a problem with your system.


How to fix lost pressure


Firstly you should have your boiler manual to hand.  It’s important to make sure you check the manual to identify if it can be re-pressurised by you.  Your manual will instruct you how to do this.  If you have to remove any panelling in the boiler then call a gas certified engineer.  If you’re unsure how to re-pressurise then please call an engineer.


Why is water pressure important


Water to any boiler is important as it helps the boiler to function.  When we fit a combi boiler it’s maintained by cold water going through from the water supply.

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