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Getting your home ready for winter


Winter is fast approaching and the temperatures have dropped significantly over the last few weeks.  Autumn has landed and it will be soon be Winter.

Here at Tyne and Wear Heating we like to help you out with useful tips and in this blog post we would like to give you inside and outside tips to get your house ready for winter.


Outside of your house


The outside of your property is the first place to start. 

  • Check guttering is still intact with no holes, leaks or fixtures missing
  • Check guttering for blockages, leaves, weeds and other obstructions that could stop rain water and snow draining away.
  • Look at the roof and check for gaps or missing tiles
  • Trim any trees that are overgrowing or risk blocking your guttering.


Inside your house


  • Take a look at radiators, check all radiators to see if they need bleeding
  • Use a draft excluder underneath doors and anywhere drafts might get in
  • Make sure your loft and cavities are well insulated
  • Lag pipes and water tanks if you still have them to prevent leakages and bursting
  • Check when your boiler is due for a service, book a service if need be.  It’s best to be prepared now for any boiler problems.  As always Tyne and Wear Heating are here to help.



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