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Boiler repairs

Getting the best boiler service

Your boiler should be serviced every year.  We’ve found that most people don’t get their boiler serviced, which often results if hefty expensive repairs when something does go wrong.  If your boiler is serviced on a yearly basis you’ll find that repairs aren’t that expensive as things are picked and dealt with before they get too serious.


Make sure that the engineer carrying out your service is Gas Safe Registered.  Gas Safe Registered engineers are trained so ask for their proof in certification.  You can arrange your yearly service through us and we will come out and do it for you.  The best time isn’t waiting until Winter, the best time to get your boiler serviced would be the summer then it’s in tip top working order for the Winter.  So now would be a perfect time to call us to arrange your service.


To make sure that you are getting what you want and you have an engineer that knows what they’re doing, Watch the engineer and use a checklist, which will be putting together very soon, alternatively you can download one here in the meantime.


A good boiler service should last at least half an hour.  If it’s shorter than this ask why.  Once the service has been completed you should ask for a report.  If you have any concerns of worries about your boiler service then contact the Gas Safe Register.


We would also recommend getting a carbon monoxide detector, which will pick up any unsafe fumes coming from your boiler.  You can’t smell carbon monoxide, hence it’s got the name of the silent killer.


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