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Fun and energy efficient Halloween


Here at Tyne and Wear Heating we love Halloween, it’s that time of year when the leaves turn orange and there’s a buzz in the air.


We love all the costumes, parties and the old traditions that have been followed throughout the ages.  The kids in costumes, the adults that party hard and the famous dunking apple.  Halloween is one of our favourite holidays.


To celebrate Halloween we going to give you tips on how to stop those energy bills haunt you.  Whether you believe in ghosts and gouls don’t let your energy bill scare the life out of you this Halloween.


Read these tips on how to make sure your energy bills don’t scare you at Halloween:


You can stop ghosts and goblins getting into your home by sealing leaks and gaps around the windows.  You can purchase draft excluder tape and other types from your local DIY store and you’ll feel the difference straight away.  There’ll be no cold chills going up your spine once these are secured.  If you’re not sure what to do, consult a professional.


Get yourself sat round your fire roasting marshmallows, with your pumpkin lighting up your window.  However, be sure to get your chimney checked if you have one to ensure there are no leaks and gasses are released properly.  When not in use be sure to close your chimney flue to prevent air leaks.


If you’re wanting to attract trick or treaters to your house you can do this with LED lighting and decorations.  Don’t fall into the trap of plugging these in, save money on lighting by buying battery powered LED lights.  These lights will also scare away the ghosts and goblins.  Remember Vampires also don’t light.  Also make sure that these are unplugged when not in use or when you go out.  There’s nothing worse than wasted energy and these are added onto your bill.


Another way of saving more energy on lighting and keeping your house lit up to deter vampires is to use energy saving lightbulbs.  These will have an impact on lowering your energy use and lower your bills.


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