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Christmas Energy Saving Tips

Christmas is coming round far too fast this year, we seem to have blinked and it’s just around the corner.  Taking this into consideration we thought we would post about Christmas Energy Saving Tips to help you through the festive period and save on those energy bills.

1 Seal all drafts

Make sure that all your doors are draft proofed and there’s no sneaky drafts getting into your home.  When you have drafts you put the heating up fuller.  Seal the drafts and your heating bills should decrease.


2 Swap to LED lights

Are you putting Christmas lights up this year?  Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without lights would it?  However, how much of a strain does this put on your electricity bill the next month?  Alot!  If you switch to LED lights, not only will you be using batteries, you won’t be using your electricity supply.  Another great way to save money during the lead up to Christmas.


3 Unplug Electricals

Unplug electricals when not being used or put them onstand by mode.  The amount of gadgets we have in our homes now has tripled over the last 15 years.  This again will save you money on your energy bills.


4 Get your Boiler serviced

Lots of our customers will be safe this Christmas as their boilers are serviced regularly.  Have you had your boiler serviced?  When you have an annual service your boiler is in tip top working order for the Winter period.  Can you imagine having no heating over Christmas or something going wrong on Christmas Day?  When you have an annual service this ensures nothing goes wrong.


5 Service your Gas Fire

Buy a carbon monoxide detector and have any gas fires serviced.  We love nothing better than lying infront of our fire on a cold night but ensure that it’s serviced once a year.


6 Set your heating to auto and not constant

I’ve heard so many people receive high bills regarding their gas useage during the festive period.  You’re in the house more so naturally crank up the heating.  If you set your boiler to the auto temperature instead turning it right up you’ll save money in the long run.


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