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Boiler Breakdown Tips

This months blog is about Boiler Breakdown Tips and tips on what to do next.

What happens if you have a boiler problem?

Unless you are gas safe certified engineer then we advise you to call the experts in.  Your own safety is paramount and must be your first concern.  If you can smell gas, ring the relevant emergency number and evacuate the building.  Gas safe registered engineers like us are trained professionals and can deal with any boiler problems.

You can trouble shoot problems yourself if you like to find out if it’s just a small problem that your boiler is having or as well it a hissy fit!  These checks include

  • Checking the boiler for any alarm lights
  • Checking the thermostat
  • Checking the pressure and if there is enough water in.

If you still have no joy after these checks then give us a call on: 07595 749098

What costs are involved in boiler repairs?

Some companies offer insurance policies that run yearly, which include servicing and repairs.  We can also offer these packages and ensure that your boiler is kept in working order throughout the year.  When we fit a boiler we will remind you when your yearly service is due.

Problem is that not a lot of people feel they need these policies and don’t think of hefty boiler repair costs.  Some repairs can cost £400 as the parts aren’t cheap…..  However, in this day and age many people admit that they don’t put this money aside to cater for boiler emergencies.

Again we are happy to help with the maintenance of your boiler.

Do I need a new boiler?

If your boiler needs repairing on a regular basis we would suggest having a new boiler fitted.  We will carry out a full consultation to ensure you are choosing the correct boiler for all aspects of your home.  During this consultation we will discuss the costs of all boilers we supply and the benefits of each one.  We can fit new boilers for less than £1,000.  Just ask us for a consultation and quote.

Have a look at our Boiler installation page on our website to see what boilers we fit.

2 thoughts on “Boiler Breakdown Tips”

  1. Thank you for talking about the importance of making sure your boiler has enough water to work. It makes sense that looking out for this can help you avoid problems with the unit and make sure you get the services ou need. I can see how anyone looking for this would want to consult with a professional and keep their system properly maintained.

  2. Thank you for the boiler breakdown tips. I definitely think if the cost of your annual repairs to your boiler exceeds the cost of buying a new one, it’s time for a replacement. You want to make sure you are saving money when you can and if that means spending on a new boiler to save in the long run, then it’s something you should do.

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